سياسة الإستخدام

Usage Policy Digital Marketing in Arabic

Digital Marketing in Arabic emadmohamed.com aims to have a two-way relationship with visitors to the site and on the basis of interaction with what is published and broadcast on the site of editorial materials, clips and video clips, and in accordance with the policy adopted and approved by the editorial department:

The moral and legal responsibility for the comments and contributions published on the site rests with their owners, and does not express in any way the opinion of the site, while reserving the right of Digital Marketing in Arabic emadmohamed.com to block comments and contributions that violate the publishing policy. The publishing rules and policy include the following:

1- No comment or post that contains obscene or insulting words will not be accepted.

2- No comment or participation that challenges the personal lives of individuals or public figures, or intentionally offends them with accusations without evidence is not acceptable.

3- No comment or post that challenges the beliefs or ideas of others will be accepted.

4- Any posts that contain a threat and a threat to other members, the editors of the Digital Marketing in Arabic emadmohamed.com blog or those who administer the site are not accepted.

5- No comment that challenges the beliefs of others or incites hatred for individuals or institutions, whether because of gender, religion, belief, race, age, or any of the determinants of identity, or incites sectarian strife, shall be accepted.

6- Posts containing pornographic claims or obscene messages are not accepted.

7- Do not accept any posts that contain personal information (such as phone numbers, detailed addresses, e-mail), except for the name and job title, and withholding the comment without looking at its content for the sake of privacy and personal safety.

8- Do not post any comments that contain external links.

9- No comment intended to promote a commodity is not accepted.

10- Comments that exceed 200 words or 10 lines are not accepted.

11- Do not accept vulgar or inappropriate usernames.

12- Reject side comments that are not related to the content.

13- By sending your contributions to the Digital Marketing in Arabic emadmohamed.com blog, you acknowledge that they are original works that you own the right to publish and that you grant emadmohamed.com the right to publish them on the site or in the various media owned by the site.

14- It is prohibited to violate intellectual property rights, defame a person, institution or company, or intentionally publish any information that causes harm to a company, person, country or group, not to place piracy materials, stolen programs, and all that violates the laws of the Internet. The site administration has the right to delete it as soon as it is notified.

15 – In the event that you use your powers on the site “as a blogger, visitor or customer” to try to hack the website or its extensions or damage the site or hosting data “in any way”, Digital Marketing in Arabic emadmohamed.com has the right to claim appropriate legal compensation for any damages caused to the site as a result for these attempts.

16- In the event of a breach of one of the terms of this agreement, we will be forced to suspend your account with us without any prior notice or justification, with the site not bearing any legal responsibility resulting from that. With the obligation to compensate you appropriately.

Membership and registration on the site:

The site has the right to temporarily or permanently suspend the membership of any user of the site as it sees fit, and using another account to suspend is a kind of circumvention to stop the service, and this prevents the user permanently from the benefits of the site. Among the reasons for the ban are:

1- The user’s insistence on violating the publishing policy.

2 – Not responding to warnings from comment moderators, via e-mail or via the comment wall.

3 – Impersonating others, whether by using their accounts, or signing their names, and everything that would mislead others that the participant is a different person from his reality.

4 – Insisting on insulting or threatening the comment moderators.